miércoles, 22 de abril de 2009

Zonaria - The Cancer Empire

Aca les dejo el ultimo trabajo de esta TERRIBLE banda de Death/Black Melodico, altamente recomendado.


1.Slaughter is Passion 04:14
2.Praise the Eradication 04:05
3.Crowning King Cancer 05:46
4.Contra Mundum 04:37
5.Termination Process 03:32
6.At War with the Inferior 03:21
7.From the Abysmal Womb 05:26
8.Damnation Dressed in Flesh 04:01
9.Humanity Vs Sanity 04:15
10.The Icon and the Faceless 05:55


Simon Berglund - Vocals/Guitar (Oroku Saki)
Emil Nystrцm - Guitar (Nuquerna)
Markus Еkebo - Bass
Emanuel "Cebbe" Isaksson - Drums (Acridian)

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Bitrate: 192 Kbps
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